Eight dads will line up to have their legs waxed to help raise money for a gymnastics club extension.

The men, whose children go to the Colchester School of Gymnastics, will also be joined by coaches Ash Moore and Wayne Southby, Head coach Steve Spinlove has also agreed to have his beloved beard shaved off in a bid to help raise more funds.

The Brinkley Grove Club, which has more than 1,200 children on its waiting list, is having a £60,000 extension but the extra funds will help buy new equipment.

Louise White, who volunteered her husband Gavin and recruited other dads, said: “I wanted to do something to benefit the extension fund and this was something different, that doesn't require any training and could be enjoyed by spectators, especially the mums, and show the dads a little of what we girls go through on a regular basis.

Jade Holbrow of Safade in Rowhedge will be pulling the waxing strips and the group and hoping a barber will volunteer to shave Steve’s beard.

If anyone can help they are asked to call 01206 844188 or visit everyclick.com/sponsoredwax or by calling in at the gym and filling in the sponsor form in the foyer.