A DOCTOR says new parking proposals will kill his practice.

Under fresh proposals, Colchester Council plans to introduce all-day parking restrictions in parts of Christchurch.

It would mean Dr Mark Gurdon’s patients would not be able to park close to the practice, in Gray Road, and would have to choose to park in paid-for town centre car parks or leave the practice.

The plans are part of a borough-wide review, which the council hopes will ease parking problems in the town centre and in areas commuters use to park for free.

Chiropractor Dr Gurdonm who runs Lexden Chiropractic and Back Pain Clinic, said: “One of our concerns with the proposed parking regulations is that patients will not have proper access to our clinic and would not be able to make use of us, which potentially has very serious consequences for us as a local business.

“Access is key for patients and often they choose their provider based on location and access to a clinic."