The controversial “spy car” will begin patrolling on Monday and could be at a school near you.

The Ford Fiesta, which is fitted with CCTV, will be targeting at least four schools each day to tackle drivers who park dangerously in no stopping zones, on pedestrian crossings and zig zag markings.

After four months delay it was launched at the Broomgrove Infant and Junior Schools in Wivenhoe on Friday afternoon with the help of both the school councils.

The North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) said the one year trial was launched in response to requests from parents, schools, residents and local councils for parking enforcement.

Headteacher Lehla Abbott, hopes the car will be a prevention, and said: “There is very little a school can do about parking other put notices in the newsletter for parents to be considerate so this was a really good opportunity to get involved.

“In the afternoon if you have been out and come back at 2.50pm or 2.55pm it is mayhem out here with people parked on curbs, on the zig zags, it is quite worrying, and the children are merrily skipping along going home, it is just worrying, especially as there as so many bends.”