A FAMILY-RUN frozen food company is set to move into new premises so the business can expand.

The Topolewki family, who own Fast Food Suppliers Anglia Ltd, has bought a new unit in Grange Lane Business Park, Colchester.

They hope the move will allow them to grow their business and take on new employees.

Jan Topolewki, who set up the business with his wife Gillian in 1987, said: “We’ve been fortunate.

"Four years ago we picked up a lot of business. It has taken us a long time to get where we are.

“We’ve built the business up on the quality of our products.”

The company distributes a variety of products, including ice cream, burgers and chips, for places such as Clacton Pier and Pleasure Beach, in Great Yarmouth.

The company, which employs eight workers, is based in Haven Road, Colchester, where they have been for 20 years.

It hopes to have the new site up and running in about six weeks.

The new warehouse is about three times larger than the existing site.

Mr Toplewki said: “It is a nice unit. It is a lot better than where we have been operating.

“We are doubling our size completely and we’re going to expand our range.”

The family had planned to move to a bigger premises about five years ago, but it was delayed when Mr Topolewki fell ill.

Nowhe has recovered, the plan to expand is back on track with his sons, David and Steven, heading up the new site.

Mr Topolewki said: “We outgrew this place about five or six years ago.

“Steven and David did a superb job while I was recovering.”

The family are not sure how many extra staff theywill be taking on at the new site.

The final figure will depend on a number of supply contracts which are being worked out.

The unit was sold through Newman Commercial property consultants.