A WOMAN is still waiting for potholes outside her home to be repaired – a year after reporting them.

Dawn Gray, 37, said the large number of craters in Eight Acre Lane, Berechurch, Colchester, was “dangerous”.

Themother-of-three, who has lived in the property more than five years, reported the problem to the Ministry of Defence on numerous occasions in the past year.

She has been told the stretch of lane is the MoD’s responsibility.

The Gazette featured a story on the potholes in March last year.

However, the road has still not been repaired.

Ms Gray said: “No-one has listened. No-one is doing anything about it. It has been a year now.

“Somebody is going to have a serious accident soon.”

Ms Gray said she can count eight potholes from her front door and claimed they were getting worse.

She said: “They are dangerous.

They are not just normal little holes. They are quite deep.

“There were two in one area, but they have formed into one now that is really deep.

“We don’t use that stretch of road if we don’t have to, we go the other way.

“Stones keep hitting our door when cars drive through the holes.”

A spokesman for the MoD said: “Responsibility for roads serving Colchester Garrison is divided between the Ministry of Defence and a private company.

The MoD is satisfied all roads it has responsibility for in this area are in good condition.”