REVISED plans have been drawn up to build 43 homes in a village.

Thomas Bates and Son wants to develop Hill Farm in Carters Hill, Boxted.

The former industrial estate has been marketed as a business park since 2006.

However, it has not generated any interest due to other developments closer to Colchester, boosted by the creation of the new junction off the A12.

An application by the company to build 45 homes, including 25 four-bedroom houses, was turned down by Colchester Council in October.

Planning officers said employment land had to be protected and no new homes sites were needed in the borough.

But Thomas Bates and Son have now drawn up a reduced scheme it hopes will be accepted.

The plans would also include a section 106 agreement whereby developers will give £210,000 towards the upkeep and improvement of the village playing field and social facilities, a reduction of £80,000 due to the smaller scale of the plans.

Roger Goodland, managing director of Thomas Bates and Son, said: “We have produced a new plan.

“The problem with the old one was quality and quantity so we have reduced the number of homes by a couple and they are smaller houses.

“I think it is fair to say it has met with broad approval.

“Life is about negotiation and in a commercial world it has got to make sense to everybody, but we think the new scheme is of a higher quality, which was the main objection in the first place.

“There were a few issues with the refusal before, so we need to lodge an appeal shortly along with the new plan which we hope will be more acceptable.”

Colchester Council will have the final say on the plans.

Tim Brentall, chairman of Boxted Parish Council, said: “We welcomed the fact they had taken on board comments we had made, particularly with regard to having an external village green part and redoing the design of the site.

“The revised plans also look to add screening with trees around the site.

“It was all positive and a considerable improvement on the previous plans. It is going in the right direction.

“At the moment it is a bit of an eyesore.

“It is much better in this guise than having the industrial units which were envisaged and for which there is presently planning permission, which would have large lorries and vans causing traffic issues.”