A TOWN council plans to put its money where its mouth is and build a multi-million pound doctors surgery.

Frinton and Walton is in the midst of a crippling healthcare crisis with one surgery down to a single permanent doctor looking after 8,000 patients.

Fed up waiting for the NHS to find a site for a new medical centre, Frinton and Walton Town Council wants to take out a £4million loan to build and run its own facility.

Deputy mayor Jack Robertson said: “Everyone is up in arms about this situation.

“It has got to a point where something must happen and I think, as a council, we have to take the lead.

“I want this council to take out a public loan and build the surgery and manage it ourselves.

“It is an enormous undertaking and we need the passion to do this and see it through, but I think we need to stand up and be counted and put our money where our mouths are.

“If it means we borrow £3million or £4million through public loans, I think we should do it.”

Residents have been struggling to make appointments due to the doctor shortage.

Frinton’s Caradoc surgery is down to one permanent doctor for more than 8,000 residents and Walton’s Vicarage Lane practice is short-staffed.

It is hoped a new facility would help attract doctors to the area.

Councillors have identified Elm Tree Avenue as a suitable central site for the building.

Mayor Iris Johnson warned it could be a lengthy process, but said the council is prepared to see it through.

She added: “Everyone in our community would be in favour of it. It would be a boost for everyone, from babies to the elderly.

“It will be a lengthy process and there are all kinds of things to iron out but I believe this is the best way forward.”

The council has agreed to start planning on the scheme while continuing meetings with NHS England.