A PETITION to lobby County Hall into taking action to relieve congestion at Colchester’s North Station junction attracted about 2,500 more signatures when it was taken out into the community.

The campaign was launched online before Christmas by Mile End residents Trish Alford and Dominic Graham and already had several hundred names on it.

But when it was taken to Asda, at Turner Rise Retail Park, on Saturday and Sunday, it attracted a huge response and now has 3,250 signatures.

Residents claim congestion is a daily occurrence around the station and retail park.

Mr Graham, who is also a Myland community councillor, said: “The feedback from people was overwhelming.

“I was struck by how supportive people were.

“I did have a couple of people say they would have to sign it quickly before the queue built up, which backs up exactly what we are saying.

“We were taken aback by how well we did.”

It has not yet been decided at which point the petition will be handed over to Essex County Council.