BOUNCERS in Colchester should be given breathalysers to test if customers are drunk, it is claimed.

Shaun Boughton, a Lib Dem activist, wants Colchester Council to trial a scheme in a bid to reduce alcohol-fuelled trouble.

Door staff would be given breathalysers to test revellers believed to be drunk.

It is hoped the scheme would deter customers from binge drinking – particularly drinking before they leave home – and give bouncers an extra tool to turn rowdy customers away.

Mr Boughton, from Wivenhoe, said: “What has been happening in Colchester is not acceptable.

“This would allow bouncers to see exactly how much people have drunk. If we’re serious, this is what we have to do.

“This is the only way people would stop getting too drunk before they go out.”

Osman Rasih, who runs the Silk Road in Queen Street, said bouncers testing revellers would be long-winded.

He said: “I appreciate people trying to make a difference, but if your security is experienced enough, they should be able to spot that sort of thing anyway.

“I would say security in all clubs needs to be more proactive in passing on information when they have someone thrown out of a club or refused entry.

“We are linked by radio to places close to us, like Fashion, TP’s and Roberts, but often we won’t hear about things going on in High Street or Head Street.

“I think the onus should be more on communication.”

The plan will be added to work being carried out by a group of councillors looking into alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour in Colchester town centre.

Bill Frame, councillor for the town’s Castle ward and chairman of the group, said introducing breathalsers would be considered.

He said: “We are open to any suggestions that will enhance the night-time economy in Colchester.

“With breathalysers, all pubs and clubs have to do it, or none of them will.

“If everyone is on board and people are refused entry wherever they are trying to get into, you can be sure they won’t be in the same state the next week.”

The group is set to publish a report in March.