PAVING slabs surrounding Colchester’s new bus station have been described as dangerous.

Several of the concrete tiles around the shelter, in Osborne Street, are loose.

Passengers have told the Gazette of several incidents where people have tripped and hurt themselves.

The latest incident yesterday saw an elderly woman fall in Stanwell Street, although she escaped serious injury.

Peter Byfield, 68, from Elmstead Market, said: “If you stand and look at the newpaving, it is all irregular.

“If you step on some they fall down or stick out.

“This lady was walking around the waiting room and tripped.

“Fortunately, she was shaken, nothing more, but I wonder what will happen to someone who is partially-sighted or more frail.

“We could see ankles and hips hurt or even broken.”

Ben Porter, 17, of Old Road, Clacton, said: “I saw someone fall over just the other day. It was an older lady and she damaged her nose quite badly, it was all scratched.

“I can’t believe it has been left like this for so long. It should have been repaired before now.”

Pal George Priestley, 18, of Writtle Close, Clacton, said: “It’s so bad and I wonder who put it in, it’s just terrible.”

The £2million facility opened in November 2012, a joint project between Colchester Council and Essex County Council.

A spokesman for the county council, which is responsible for roads and pavements, said: “A defect has been reported outside Colchester Bus Station and we plan to inspect the area to identify any repairs that may be necessary.

“We are aware of some defects on the pavement in St Botolph’s Street, which are being assessed as part of an overall repair programme.

“The date for this work is to be confirmed.”