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    reg reg wrote:
    wormshero wrote:
    "Johannesburg alone (1 city)
    50 murders a day
    800 serious assaults
    150 rapes
    350 aggravated robberies "

    Where are you getting these statistics from? The South African Police Services stats for the entire region Johannesburg falls into are 8 murders per day, 110 serious asaults, 33 sexual crimes, 98 aggravated robberies. Not good, but not as bad as pointed out either. Like 4-5 new yorks. That is looking at a population nearly twice as big too.
    Johannesburg – The Most Dangerous City in the World
    posted by Tom Davis
    Sorry to give Joburg, South Africa, bad press, but truth is truth. Johannesburg is the most dangerous, deadly city on our planet. Recent stats show that there are over 50 murders per day, 700 assaults, 356 aggravated robberies, and 150 rapes. People, that’s more deadly than Iraq. And they are hosting the 2010 World Cup? You can read the gory details in an article by Reuters/Africa here. My buddy, Gary Black is there now picking up his wife, Lisa. Be careful Black family! The good news is that they are at least trying to make the place safer for The Cup by adding 11,000 new police every year. You can read the hyped up, overly positive version Here. One of the key reasons this happens in South Africa is the dividing line between the rich and poor. The rich live in luxury and look off their decks and the poor who are starving in the valley. And they don’t care. No compassion, no kindness, nothing. Apathy is the worst kind of sin and if compassion doesn’t take over in some way, there will be more bloodshed on the horizon.

    Read more: http://www.beliefnet





    A six year old source? Funny that you choose to use an old extreme set of figures from an unreliable source rather than the more reasonable raw data from the best possible source..."
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