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    reg reg wrote:
    super waluigi wrote:
    You don't have to be left wing or right wing to appreciate what Nelson Mandela has done for the world.
    The strength of one man has changed the way that most of the world think, let a lone South Africa.
    Every man has his faults. Nelson knew this, and that is what made him the man he was.
    People like Kim Gandi are narrow minded, tunnel vision idiots. To think he was all about politics shows this.
    Nelson was for people.

    Rest in peace.
    changed the world ?
    what like invented the steam engine ?
    south Africa is the most violent place on earth mow pall.
    you are right he did change the world.
    see what happens when you let a violent thinking mans ideas spread
    Hero (or Heron) of Alexandria (c. AD 10–70), an ancient Greek mathematician and engineer, described (and is attributed with the invention of) the aeolipile (a version of which is known as Hero's engine) which was a rocket-like reaction engine and (as such) the first-recorded steam engine. It was created almost two millennia before the industrial revolution. Its origin is however more uncertain as Vitruvius mentioned the aeolipile in De Architectura some 100 years earlier than Hero. Both Hero and Vitruvius draw on the much earlier work by Ctesibius (285–222 BC), but it is not known whether or not Ctesibius himself was the inventor.

    The point here is that no matter how important an invention or action might be, it depends upon what else is happening around at that time. The steam engine had no effect for two thousand years, until it was 'rediscovered' at a later date.

    Mandela’s legacy might be as yet unclear as to how important it will be going into an uncertain future. Let us see how history and events yet to come in Africa affect his standing in respect of influence and importance in shaping the future of this troubled continent.

    For now though, RIP."
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