TRAIN operator Greater Anglia has pledged to make more improvements for passengers a year after taking over services in the region.

Bosses claim they there have been “real steps forward” in customer service, communication and the number of trains running on time over the last 12 months.

MD Ruud Haket said they had seen record levels of punctuality and boosted customer service, but admitted there was “much more to do”.

“The entire team at Greater Anglia has worked extremely hard to improve our train services across the region and to put the customer first,” he said.

“We are determined to raise service standards further, by continuing to improve and invest in the service we offer our passengers.

Mr Haket vowed to boost the number of trains running on time and said passengers would see more improvements, such as ongoing upgrades to station facilities.

Essex commuters will also see upgrades to some trains.

And Greater Anglia says it will continue to work with MPs to push for greater investment in rail.