In today's Gazette: A rapist who attack a woman twice has been found dead in his prison.

The body of Paul Gigg, 30, of Colchester, admitted the double rape of al 20-year-old woman at the Kiss Weekender dance music festival in Great Yarmouth. He was awaiting sentence.

* A hoarder had to be rescued by emergency services after getting trapped in a mountain of his own clutter for 30 hours.

George Rainer, 85, fell over a two feet mound of paper leaving him cocooned in a tiny space in his kitchen and unable to get to a phone to call for help. His worried family called the emergency services after they could not contact him.

* A man was robbed and beaten up by thugs he had been drinking with minutes earlier.

The group attacked the man after he withdrew £200 from the cash point at St John's estate in Colchester.

* Jacks Famous Supplies is closing for good tomorrow.

The historic Colchester shop, which went into administration, will shut down for the last time after holding a sale.

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