RESIDENTS who are angry at motorists who speed along their road have launched a ‘kill your speed’ campaign.

Since the start of January, five cats have been hit by drivers in Tower Street, Brightlingsea, three of which have died and now the group fears a child could be next.

“For people who lose pets, it is heartbreaking, but I think it is going to be a child soon,” said a spokeswoman for the residents.

“It is at its worst in the morning and at about home time, worryingly, just about the times the children are in the street.

"We do not want to be the one who is saying ‘we told you so’ if something happens.”

In an effort to gather support, the group has put up signs in Tower Street, warning motorists to slow down, saying: “Please slow down. Kill your speed. This time a pet, next time a child. It’s heartbreaking.”

The group has received backing from Brightlingsea Town Council.

Janet Aldridge, Brightlingsea town councillor responsible for transport and highways, said: “They have certainly got my backing.


“The next victim could be a child or even an elderly person.”