A HOMEOWNER is relieved council bosses have finally agreed to tackle his flooding woes.

Flood water forced Tim Woodgett, wife Heidi and their three children out of their home in Colchester Road, Ardleigh in May this year and caused £50,000 damage.

They moved back in this month only for flood water to strike Grade II-listed Ancient House again on Friday, December 21.

Mr Woodgett appealed for help from Essex County Council and Tendring Council to discover the cause, believed to be a blocked culvert, but has received no assistance.

Now Peter Halliday, leader of Tendring Council, has called a meeting between Essex County Council, Anglian Water and the Environment Agency.

He said: “While Essex County Council is the lead authority where flooding is concerned it would be wrong if all of us did not to get involved and see if we can help.

“It would appear at first sight there are several things that need to be investigated and to my eyes one or two obvious actions that need to be taken.

“Therefore I wish to call a meeting of all the authorities involved to discuss how we resolve the issues and, if one exists, find a solution.”

“Ancient House and the neighbouring properties are not just wonderful old houses, they are family homes.

“We all have a moral obligation to act to the best of our ability to ensure these flooding issues are resolved.”

Mr Woodgett welcomed the meeting, due to take place in the New Year.
He said: “It is great news and it seems someone is taking ownership of the problem, which is all we have asked.

“We are finally feeling we are getting the help we needed as long ago as May.”