In today's Gazette: A nightmare neighbour who terrorised residents by playing loud music has been evicted.

Christopher Lee, of Gazelle Court, Highwoods, Colchester, was thrown out of his flat after he persistantly played loud music until the early hours.

* A pair of kittens are in need of a home for Christmas after they were thrown over a gate in a cardboard box.

The two 12-week-old moggies were left in the box in Harwich Road, Colchester, and have now been taken to a rescue centre in Alresford for rehoming.

* Raiders ransacked a town centre store stealing £1,800 of stock.

The burglars, wearing Halloween masks, smashed their way into the Original Factory Shop in Dovercourt plundering perfume and aftershave.

* A robber brandishing a kitchen knife forced terrified shop staff to hand over hundreds of pounds.

The raider fled with the haul in a plastic bag after striking at the One Stop Shop in St John's Road, Clacton.

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