THE results of a consultation on building a skate park in Highwoods Country Park show the majority of people are backing the project, according to a councillor

The plans have proved controversial with some residents saying the open space would be ruined if building goes ahead.

But Gerard Oxford, borough councillor for Highwoods, said the results of the consultation, which closed on Friday, show more people support the project than oppose it.

“The preliminary results I have been given are that the majority of people have come out in favour of the project,” Mr Oxford said.

“We are now waiting on the exact results so we can see the exact lay of the land but this is further proof this is something people really want in Highwoods.”

Donald Smith, who lives in St Monance Way, Colchester, has opposed the plans.

He said: “It is all well and good consulting but the majority of the people who will have responded will be young people, who of course want it.

“I think the council needs to be more open on things like this and give everyone a chance to have their say.”