DIGGERS have been put to work at the site of a burst water pipe.

Work has began to repair the damaged pipe after it left homes and one of Colchester's main arteries flooded.

Sandbags are still piled high outside affected homes on Maldon Road.

Police were called to a roundabout on Southway in Colchester at 7.30pm on Friday November 23 after reports of a taxi stuck in a puddle.

But when they arrived at they found the area covered with water.

Residents were offered shelter after basements flooded but declined the help from Colchester Borough Council.

Traffic sgt Jason Dearsley said: "There was a taxi with a fare on board stuck in the water.

"We turned up with a 4x4 and had to push the taxi out.

"At the time we didn't know if the water was sewage - it reached up to knee height."

Around 16 homes were affected and road closures were put in place at Southway, Maldon Road, Wellington Street, Balkerne Hill and Maldon Road.

Council officials provided sandbags and were offered an emergency rest centre.

Anglian Water had turned off the water main by 10pm.

It is believed at least some of the homes now have running water.