FORGET 180, for darts pals Kevin Fisher and Pete Gibbins, the most important score is 800.

The pair were on the lookout for unique ways to become Guinness World Record holders when they happened upon their potential crown.

They are now the proud record holders of the “highest darts score by inner and outer bullseyes in two minutes by a pair”, having scored a round 800 in one of their first attempts. The pair took on the challenge in the Grapes pub, in Mersea Road, Colchester, where Mr Gibbins is the landlord.

Mr Fisher, 37, a member of the pub’s fundraising committee, said: “We said it would be great to try to break a world record, but when I checked, there were really only 15 available.

“Some of them required us to play for something like 47 hours, others were crazy in that you had to catch darts in your hands and others were ones held by professional darts players, so we weren’t going to be able to break them.

“Then I saw the bullseye one and we thought ‘that looks doable’.”

A film crew recorded their attempt and a copy was sent to Guinness, which has confirmed the record.

It was previously held by two Americans, who scored 750 in 2013.

Mr Fisher added he now plans to hold a fundraiser in the pub to challenge regulars to beat the score and proceeds will be distributed among charities Help Roxi Walk and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

He said: “We probably could have hit a lot more, but we wanted to keep it at a level people can beat, so we get people coming forward.

“We’ll let the players have as many goes as they want and all the money will go to a good cause.”

The fundraiser is planned for Thursday, from 7pm, and pairs will pay £10 to try to beat the score.