Miami Open men’s singles Recap 

Tennis fans have already seen a wide range of tournaments this year. So far there have been 22 men’s tennis tournaments and one of the four Grand slams being the Australian Open back in January won by Jannik Sinner. The Miami open and the next 11 tournaments are the warmup for the next Grand slam the French Open in May. 

The Miami Open started on the 18th March and will end on the 31st March. Over the 12 days of tournament there will be 2 days of qualifying games, 2 days of Round of 128 games, 2 days of Round of 64 games, 2 days of Round of 32 games, 2 days of Round of 16 games, 1 day of quarter finals, 1 days of semi-finals and then a break in preparation for the final game on Sunday 31st March. 

The qualifiers held 37 games with one game being cancelled. After the qualifiers 12 players advanced into the main stage of the tournament. The players that advanced into the Round of 128 were: Bautista, Nakashima, Schwartzman, Klein, Nava, Mayot, Vavassori, Kovacevic, Wong, Seyboth Wild, Kopriva and Walton. With the qualifiers now being finished the main part of the tournament was now about to begin. 

The Round of 128 held 33 games with one game being cancelled. On day one of the Round of 128 it was a strong day for British players as both Murray and Draper won their games. Murray won his game against Mateo Berretini 3-2. During the game Berretini in worrying circumstances nearly collapsed on court and all of us tennis fans wish him a speedy recovery. Day 2 of the Round of 128 saw Britain’s third player making it even further with Evans beating Sonego 2-1. The Round of 128 also saw the likes of Seyboth Wild, Vavassori and Bautista advancing even further on top of their wins in the qualifiers. 

The round of 64 held 33 games with one game being cancelled. Day one of the Round of 32 saw 6 games with Shapalov, Sinner, Murray, Machac, and Humbert advancing. Day two tennis fans saw some of the greats playing with Alcaraz, Eubanks, Zverev, Hurkacz and Medvedev playing. Eubanks unfortunately beat Britain’s Evans, but Norrie won his game against Cobilli keeping some of our players in the tournament. 

The Round of 32 held 16 games and saw all our British players defeated with Murray losing to Machac 2-1 and Norrie losing to Medvedev 2-0. The Round of 32 saw Ruud, Sinner, Machac, Alcaraz, Musetti, Minaur, Zverev and Medvedev advancing towards the crucial final stages of the tournament. 

The Round of 16 had 8 games with Alcaraz, Dimitrov, Sinner, Jarry, Medvedev, Machac, Zverev and Marozsan advancing into the quarter finals. With the Round of 16 we are now in the final days of the tournament and so much closer to seeing who wins the Miami Open. 

Today and Tomorrow holds the 4 quarter final games with Machac vs sinner, Jarry vs Medvedev, Alcaraz vs Dimitrov and Zverev vs Marozsan. Good luck to all the remaining superstars.