As summer rolls around the days are beginning to draw out and the temperatures are getting that little bit warmer. What's better to do than take up a new hobby? This year sailing could be your thing! Nearby Colchester and across the UK there are many different places where you can get out on the water and spend time out in the summer sun. Sailing  on either dinghy and/or yachts is a brilliant way to  get outdoors and is a fun and enjoyable sport to be a part of. Locally there are many different sailing clubs that are running events over the summer for new sailors so why not get involved?

Sailing is a sport which can be taken up at any age, you don't have to be young to start. To start  your journey into the sport there are learn to sail days that many clubs offer, as well as this there are a wide range of courses for different levels and abilities offered by the sailing clubs. Adult sailing courses are regularly offered around the UK. Sailing does not have to be competitive so don't panic, just spending time out on the water is a great way to develop your skills and spend a morning, afternoon or even a whole day outside.

 As well as this, sailing  is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Many clubs host lots of different events over the seasons.  Lots of  clubs have a bar which helps keep the social side active on the days when it is too windy.

These clubs can be found across the UK as well as internationally.  They don't have to be found on the coastline but also inshore too, these are as equally fun to sail on. The closest sailing club to Colchester is Ardleigh sailing club located on a reservoir. Other dinghy sailing clubs nearby include: Wivenhoe sailing club, Stour sailing club, Gunfleet sailing club and many others all of whom should accept new members.

If the cost is putting you off don't panic, you don't have to break the bank to go sailing. Many clubs let you borrow wetsuits, buoyancy aids and other kit that you may need as well as letting you borrow boats so you don't have to buy one.  The only thing you may have to pay for is the membership and this cost varies with different clubs. 

As the outgoing commodore of Ardleigh sailing club Tony Tye puts it, ‘ sailing is fresh air and exercise-  as well as socialising with people from different backgrounds. Thrills and spills and a friendly community which is great for all ages’

Many different people from this area of the UK have gone on to win medals at world class spotting events including the Olympics! So why don't you go down to your local sailing club and give sailing a try this summer!