Tensions were high on Sunday 25th February at Welwyn Garden City during the junior football match between the Risden Wood Warriors and the Panshanger Lions. The suspenseful match ended 5-0 to the Lions, though the Warriors put up a strong and steady fight all throughout, and came close to scoring on multiple occasions.

Within the first ten minutes of the match, the Lions scored their first goal, much to the dismay of the Warriors. However, they were determined, and didn’t let it deter them from vying for control of the ball-their passing ability was seamless and commendable, and has noticeably improved since the establishment of the team in July 2023.

By halftime, the Lions had impressively scored again, and the Warriors were disappointed, though not yet defeated. Time to rest, recuperate, and motivate each other was greatly appreciated, and when they returned to the pitch for the second half, refreshed and enlivened, all the players were energised and eager to continue playing.

After a few minutes of intense back-and-forth with the ball, flying from one end of the pitch to the other almost too quickly to follow, the Lions managed to swiftly steal it and score their third goal. They also, spectacularly, were able to score twice more before the end of the match, each one enrapturing the spectators. The rest of the match passed without another goal, though the Warriors were able to attempt at scoring at a few circumstances, only to be blocked by the Lions’ goalkeeper.

The match was gripping and riveting; onlookers were unable to look away, cheering for their team whenever they took possession of the ball, and overall enjoying engaging with and encouraging the players.

Currently, the Warriors are preparing for their upcoming cup game. They are hopeful for victory, and expect the outcome of this match to be much more preferable to the previous one!