Australian Open 2024 Men's singles recap 

2024 has already been a big year for tennis fanatics around the world with the beginning of the Grand Slam circuit. On Monday 8th January the Australian Open qualifiers began and ended on Friday 12th January meaning that the tournament could begin and tennis stars from all over the world could compete and face each other for the chance to raise the Norman Brookes challenge cup. 

First Round 

On January 14th sixteen matches were played with the likes of Djokovic, Tiafoe, Fritz, Rublev and Sinner progressing to the second round. The first batch of games were followed by another two batches of first round games with Hurkacz, de Minaur, Eubanks, Tsitsipas, Shelton, Medvedev and Musetti progressing to the second round. Day two of the first round however brought England's first upset with Murray losing 3 sets to love against Etcheverry.  

The final day of the first round saw the last set of contenders progressing into the second round. Stars such as Alcaraz, Draper, Rune, Ruud and Norrie progressing. These games bought a close to an impactful first round and prepared tennis fans for a tense nail-biting couple weeks of the greatest tennis players competing on the world stage. 

Second Round 

The second round began on Wednesday 17th January with Djokovic, Rublev, Tsitsipas, Shelton, Fritz, Sinner and de Minaur progressing into round three. It also bought yet more upset in the elimination of Tiafoe who lost 3 sets to love against Machac and Eubanks against Rublev. 

The final day of the second round saw Rune and Draper both being knocked out of the tournament and Medvedev, Hurkacz, Alcaraz, Ruud and Norie moving into round three. 

Third Round 

Day one of the third round saw Djokovic, Rublev, de Minaur, Tsitsipas, Fritz and Sinner progressing into the fourth round. 

Saturday 20th saw the end of the third round and Cameron Norrie beating Casper Ruud 3 sets to 1 in a tense 4 set game. Norrie joined Medvedev, Zverev, Alcaraz and Hurkacz in the fourth round. 

Fourth Round 

The fourth round saw 8 games played and Rublev beating de Minaur 3 sets to 2 in a tense 5 set game winning the final game 6 games to love also progressing into the quarter final were Sinner, Fritz and Djokovic. 

Day 2 of the fourth round meant that Alcaraz, Hurkacz, Medvedev and Zverev progressed into the quarter finals. Cameron Norrie lost 3 sets to 2 against Zverev losing 10-3 in the final set on the tiebreak. 

Quarter Finals 

Day one the first two semi-final competitors were decided. Sinner beat Rublev 3 sets to love winning 6-4 in the first, 7-5 on tie break in the second and 6-3 in the final set to secure his place in the semis. Djokovic played Fritz and won 3 sets to 1. Djokovic won the first set 7-3 on tiebreak, lost the second set 6-4 and then won the next two sets 6-2 and 6-3 to secure his place in the semis. 

Day two saw the next four giants playing against each other and Zverev and Medvedev making it to the semis. Zverev beat Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz 3 sets to 1. Alcaraz lost the first set 6-1 and the second set 6-3 managed to win the third set in the tiebreak 7-2 but lost the fourth set 6-4. Medvedev beat Hurkacz 3 sets to 2 winning the first set 7-4 in the tiebreak losing the second set 6-2 winning the third set 6-3 losing the fourth 7-5 and winning the fifth 6-4 to secure his place in the semi-finals. 

Semi Finals 

In the semi-finals Medvedev beat Zverev and Sinner caused an upset and beat Djokovic 3 sets to one to secure the place in the final against Medvedev beating Djokovic 6-1, 6-2 and 6,3. 


Australian Open 2024 Final  

Sunday 28th January, Jannik Sinner faced Danill Medvedev in a 3-hour 44-minute match. The final game lasted the full five sets and saw Sinner come from two sets down to secure a 3-2 win over Medvedev. Sinner lost both the first and second sets 6-3 looking completely off his game and making it seem like Medvedev was going to walk through him to lift the trophy, however he miraculously came back and won the third set 6-4 the fourth set 6-4 and finally won the fifth set 6-3. 

Sinner secured the victory and became the 2024 winner of the Australian Open lifting the Norman Brookes Challenge cup. Sinner is the youngest player to win the Australian Open since 2008 when Djokovic won it aged 20, Sinner is also the first ever Italian to win the Australian Open.