For those of you who have chosen exercise for your new year's resolution, this one's for you. Instead of braving the gym which is bound to be packed at this time of year why not consider a sport, specifically badminton. Casual badminton has many benefits, let me show you…

The first and main benefit is its exercise! Casual badminton is a relaxed exercise that allows you to move at your own pace and is good for people who do not typically participate in sports because it introduces you to the sport world with little to no competition - it depends how competitive you and your partner are. 

Another big benefit of casual badminton is that it is a huge opportunity to build relationships or create new ones. Lots of sports centres have badminton options, where you can book the court and equipment for you and a partner (or a group of 4), or clubs where you may have to pay a small fee to go along and participate in casual badminton with others alike. 

Furthermore , casual badminton is a very flexible sport to do as you can book it around your school or work schedule and sometimes there is flexible booking where you can change your booking time if there's an unexpected event. 

Finally, the last benefit I will talk about is a reduction in stress. Like any other sport badminton will help reduce stress through a release of hormones when partaking in the sport. 

I hope you consider badminton for your new year’s resolution, Happy New Year everybody!