VAR was introduced to the premier league in the 2019/20 season after all the clubs in the premier league unanimously voted for it to be brought in at the end of the 2018/19 season. 

At the beginning of VAR football fans liked the extra control as it eliminated the cynical fake diving and made it easier for officials to pull players up and book them for offences that were ruining the premier league and making people think football was becoming less about the actual smart plays and more about tactical fouls to stop goals being scored. 

When VAR was introduced, teams were told “VAR will not be completely 100 per cent accurate but it will positively influence officials' decision making. 

Recently VAR is now becoming the plague of the premier league and we can see from the recent Arsenal vs Newcastle game that VAR is below what football fans expect to be controlling the fair play of the games. VAR was originally used to check for clear or obvious mistakes in four match changing situations: 


Penalty Decisions 

Direct red card decisions 

Mistaken Identity 

VAR is now used for every game, and it constantly monitors the match even if a clear or obvious mistake has not been made. What once premier league fans viewed as a heroic system has become the plague to important games. 

Has VAR been given too much power over the on-pitch referees? Does having VAR benefit or slow down the pace of games?

Recent evidence suggests that VAR has become more of a headline than the actual football itself.