There are currently many known organisations dedicated to helping girls and women into sport, these include: This Girl Can, Women In Sport and Women’s Sport Trust. These organisations are helping to bring support and funding into girls sports in order to raise the numbers of women playing professionally.

It is known globally that women's sports is on the rise, yet it is still greatly underappreciated compared to that of male sport. After the huge success of the Lionesses in last year's Euros, going on to win the European trophy, and effectively tripling women's football in popularity within Britain, they went on to get to the finals of the 2023 World Cup, sadly losing to Spain. The success of the Lionesses brought more diversity to the televising and marketing of the female teams across England, we are now seeing more of the female players as well as more attendance at the matches. It is safe to say that there is a lack of female representation within football clubs in England, the WSL only having 12 clubs, the Premier League having 20. In July 2022 for the Euros final, the England Lionesses produced an attendance of 87,192 fans, a record for both men and women's European matches. This number is now growing as we go into the 2023/24 season, seeing new players and new teams enter the WSL and national teams. 

It is also no secret that Formula 1 is a heavily male-dominated sport, not seeing a permanent female driver on the grid in its entire history. There have been women who have driven these F1 cars, whether that be in practice sessions or test driving the cars, these women being the likes of Susie Wolff and Jessica Hawkins, both of whom are trying to raise awareness for women in motorsport. Wolff created what is currently known as the F1 Academy, a female-based racing series, allowing female drivers from all over the world a chance to progress to higher standards of racing. This is due to the failures made to the W Series, which was the women's racing series, due to the lack of funding and marketing it was forced to enter administration in June 2023 after the early finish of its 2022 season. We also have the young talents such as  Bianca Bustamante, a Filipino youngster, who recently signed a deal with McLaren to become the first ever female to enter into their drivers programme. 

Women’s sport is on the rise, but it is nowhere near the level that it could and deserves to be at. We should support our women's teams, clubs and countries. We should support our female drivers. We should support the rise of Women in Sport.