MIKE Carter, from Prested Hall, has just returned from New York where he represented England in the International Masters Real Tennis team events for over-50s, 60s and 70s.

Carter and his team achieved a clean sweep in the over-60 matches.

Fellow Prested players Mark Nicolls (in the over-50 team, which won 4-1 in the final) and Jeremy Lyon (in the over-70 team, which won 2-1), competed in the bi-annual Real Tennis event at the prestigious Park Avenue courts.

Carter said: "This really is an exciting place to play and a hugely impressive venue. Mark, Jeremy and I were delighted to be in the teams that beat Australia in the semis and America in the final."

"Anyone who thinks you can't compete at a high level once you reach 50 should really come down and have a game here at Prested - you might really surprise yourself."