IT would be hard to deny the fact that our interim management and coaching team have done an impressive job in guiding the U’s away from the troubles we found ourselves in under Hayden Mullins.

Not only that, but aside from the occasional blip, the performances on the pitch have improved and the players have appeared to be more comfortable and confident whilst playing, which in part at least must be to do with a change in how Wayne, Joe and Dave have looked after them.

The U’s finished at the heady heights of 15th, some 17 points above the drop zone where both Oldham and Scunthorpe had hugely tough seasons. How crazy to think that many of us can remember Oldham playing in the top flight, not so long ago.

What is also clear to me, is that Wayne Brown has also won over some of his more ardent critics within the fans, guys and gals who are now saying that he should be given the chance to lead us into next season.


I would echo that and say that if our interim trio want the job, then let them have a proper go at it. I think they deserve it after the U’s finished as one of the form teams in the league.

On my part, whilst not a critic, I have said in the past that my preference would be for an experienced gaffer.

Have to say now though that credit where credit is due and if these last few months are the start of something long and positive, then let’s continue to ride that wave.

With the right support behind them, the ability to make their own choices and with a sum of money, maybe as a result of players moving on, to help them improve the squad as they want it, then who knows what they could achieve next season.

One thing is clear though, and that is that despite our strong finish, the new campaign will still be a massive challenge for any U’s manager. None of us want to be staring down the barrel of relegation again come January.

Let us watch this space with interest.

On the same front, it will not be long before the U’s announce their retained list and this will also be incredibly interesting, because within that there are one or two key decisions which I hope they don’t get wrong.


So back to the football and lovely, sunny Hartlepool. We had a brilliant journey, got there nice and early and enjoyed the same friendly hospitality that I remembered from times past.

How brilliant were our supporters? Just amazing commitment, both last Saturday and indeed all season on our travels.

The players responded to that and gave all they could. Definitely not thinking about summer holidays and taking it easy.

Sam Hornby was superb between the sticks making a string of outstanding saves. Akinde and Sears combined very well and could have given us more goals, but what about Chay Cooper and his long-range flyer? Not a bad way to make your league debut.


Credit also to our young teenage debutants. Nice to give them a reward after signing their first contracts with a taste of first-team action.

All in all, an importantly positive end to the season. A massive help and stress relief to the fans, who can now take stock and perhaps start to think about brighter things for the U’s.

Player news is always a big discussion topic amongst fans, and rumours are already abound as you’ll see if you go anywhere near social media.

Season-ticket news will also be eagerly anticipated and I do so hope that the announcements will help get more bums on seats. Seeing parts of our stadium so sparsely populated really gets to me.

Anyway, a massive thank you to everyone at the U’s who played a part in pulling our season out of the fire, a huge thank you to our incredible supporters for battling through some tough times again, and I wish you all a very splendid break away from football. Do not fret though folks, it will be back soon!

Up the U’s!