COLCHESTER United have parted company with head coach Hayden Mullins after a disappointing run of results.

Wayne Brown has been placed in interim charge, alongside former U's boss Joe Dunne and academy manager, Dave Huzzey.

Colchester fans have been having their say on Mullins' departure.

Si Collinson

I’ve been clear on my views for awhile, he was out of his depth. While I have nothing against him personally, it was purely football related. The sacking go with the territory and he got longer than the result warranted. Hopefully now the Club can recruit properly.

Duncan Stonehouse

They’re the fall guys for the failures above; a club of our size doesn’t need directors of football, performance, recruitment and so on. Just get a decent manager who can sign players and assess their performances on his own. External, experienced appointment is an absolute must.

Tom Flint

Unfortunately it was time for him to go but the problems are far more deep rooted than the manager. We need changes throughout…still! - I seem to remember saying this when Ball was sacked as well!! I still fear a new manager won’t be able to turn this around!

Michael O'Brien

Much needed but should have been at the start of the window. This squad is underperforming and should be mid table. Although I don’t suspect RC will change the infrastructure, we need someone experienced who can start instilling desire in the team and stop the basic errors.


Jason van Haaren

Why Brown - just give it to Joe dunne as interim

Jamie Hudson

Right decision however the interim manager thing and the set up is not screaming short term at me. We need an experienced manager but nothing will change at this club with Humes and Ball still there and Cowling refusing to interact properly with fans

Tracey Welsh

Unfortunately (it is not nice for anyone to lose their job) it was inevitable and should have happened earlier. They were out of their depth and had no affinity with the supporters.Hope Brown turns things round quickly in the short term. Long term we need an experienced manager.

Jeff Coates

Inevitable as results were appalling and the league position is perilous. Sad for them as they seem like decent men but that is the nature of the business they are in. New external manager needed. There is still half a season left so time for someone to make an impact.


Freddie Emerson

Best thing that will happen all season

David Clayton

Had to be done. Should've been after the Crawley defeat. Being optimistic (why not?), let's hope the penny has dropped & RC will use some of the increased budget on an experienced manager. Mike Flynn would be ideal.


A shame but the correct decision. Think Mullins more suited to a coaching role. Hoping Brown Dunne can at least raise effort levels/commitment and restore a bit of belief.

Dave B

Had high hopes for HM but it just hasn't worked. Results & performances have been poor, so the in the long run the right decision. Feel RC needs to go a different route with an experienced external appointment but can't see it. Hope WB can turn things round

Oliver Lewis

Was probably time for a change at the club. January window has been promising so far, hopefully a change in the coaching staff can help Colchester stay up/safe.

Tudwick Siding

Missed a trick not getting Paul Tisdale full time when we had the chance.

Anthony Clachan

I'm 50-50 on this one it didn't work before so what makes us think it will be any different this time but I will support him ethier way and hope the results start sooner than later

Matthew Blaylock

It’s the right decision and better late than never. I’ve failed to identify any plan in or out of possession throughout Mullins tenure. It was clear who pulled our squad together to safety last season, and he’s now manager of Stevenage.


Please not Paul Lambert Or Sol Campbell !! Pulis?….. Hughton?…Monk?…ZidaneFace with tears of joy?



Vast majority of the squad are playing at the lowest level they’ve ever been at - so by that rationale the manager wasn’t getting the best out of them. You can’t blame Cowling as some of those signings would be considered great business if they hadn’t come from Ipswich


Good decision but again, we should have had someone lined up. Results haven’t been good enough for a long time now and Robbie and co should plan for these things. Wayne brown didn’t do a great job when here before. But we’ll have to deal with it for now


It’s fixing the bottom part of a bigger problem.



Correct decision. He was out of his depth. Brown isnt the answer & the whole club needs changing from top to bottom. Outside appointment is now needed or we will be back here in a month or two saying the same thing

Tony Cullum

Get someone in with some passion, which will reflect on the team and give the fans a lift too. I understand the #cowlingout anger but none of us want us going down and Cowling ain’t going nowhere, lets get behind the team, new manager and hopefully move forward. Up the U’s


Sacked a manager who has failed and has appointed another 2 who felled previously. Will this change anything? Seems to be an endless cycle. Let’s hope we finally see the light and appoint someone experienced, but I’m not holding my breath.

Carlchester United

We keep employing coaches rather than managers, let’s have a top man who commands respect, owns big decisions and leads

Chris Hopkins

Should be Cowling walking away, but he’ll probably give Mullins a backroom job in a few months anyway, can join the other failed managers Cowling likes to keep around the place.


I half expect to see Mullins and Dyer replacing Brown and Dunne with 4 games left.