COLCHESTER United slumped to a miserable 2-0 defeat against Barrow, on Saturday afternoon. The U's were beaten at the JobServe Community Stadium, after second-half goals from Tom Dallison and Josh Kay sealed the visitors' win.

Colchester supporters had their say on a fifth successive defeat in all competitions, for Hayden Mullins' side.

Jay Matthams

Need to replace Mullins with a seasoned manager although I fear it's already gone too far. Don't like to see anyone lose their job but if we go down we'll see many of the staff behind the scenes lose theirs. I'm not sure the club appreciate how serious relegation could be.

Luke Fordham

No light at the end of the tunnel, and no idea if it’s going to ever come for us

Andy Scott

Fans already starting to look forward to visiting some new grounds next year. Awful


The players looked defeated before the game started, only seem up for it when we go a goal down. The midfield got completely dominated today Barrow were allowed to control the game at their pace. Sad times


No system or pattern, no clue how to break down a team (again). We only have one option and that's to change the manager. It might not save us but keeping him definitely won't

Charlie Smith

Think I prefer the games being called off


Jonathan Brown

Not surprised. Clearly doesn’t mean enough to those involved. Needed a win when it mattered most, & at home too. 2 shots on target against a poor side & relegation rival is unacceptable. Another blank emphasising the need for more attacking options & probably a change in tactics.

Lizzie Hark

Shout out to Junior Tchamadeu who actually looks like he cares. I fear the worst.


A new low, even by our standards. Club seems shot to bits from top to bottom. Should have secured Paul Tisdale when we had the chance.

John S

Worst game of the season by quite some margin we create no chances the players look like they don’t care or are just fed up and Mullins has no respect for the fans he just clears off down the tunnel the minute the whistle burns

Duncan Stonehouse

Mullins got that totally wrong. We sat off them, we didn’t create anything. He took off 2 of our better players with like for like subs. It was an absolute must win game but nobody looked particularly bothered. Toxic atmosphere. Not a good place to be. Fed up of it.


Sam McCarthy



6 defeats and 1 draw out of last 7 matches, 1 goal scored, 12 goals conceded. That should tell you everything. When Steve Ball was given the first team job his managerial experience was asst manager at Clacton Town,Stanway and Leiston and manager of Leiston. Get rid of Mullins being in Richard Wilkins. Who has more experience than Ball had!

Mark Mason

One word...... RUBBISH

Phil Unwin

Halfway through the season and we still can't see a cohesive approach or method of play. Sleep walking towards relegation by just hoping things will change.


So we have a chairman that comes out and says it’s a 6 point game this weekend. We have now lost that game, by any normal reckoning that should be game, set and match for Mullins. Need a change before it’s to late; if it isn’t already.


I don’t often write but after yesterdays game it’s hard not to say something. The club is a shambles with no collective spirit either. Attendance appalling for obvious reasons & the Robbie write up in the programme summed up that he thinks he is right & everyone else is wrong.

Teddy Dwan

Not good today. Second best at home to a team who are struggling themselves. Never look like scoring. Mullins is on borrowed time unless he turns it around very quickly.

Tony Cullum

No creativity in midfield. Thought new signing would bring us a lift but we had no confidence. Don’t like anyone losing their job, but sorry unless we change Mullins we will be falling into non league football. Only hope I see is Oldham and Scunthorpe are just as poor as us.



Sack Mullins sharpish or we are being relegated

Ian McPherson

Time for Mullins to go. Hopefully RC can see what everyone else can. No game plan and no goals, this is only going one way. Desperate loss today to the team immediately above us.

Harry Nathan

Cowling's legacy is taking a club that finished only a few places off the play offs for the Premier League into the semi-pro Leagues in just 14 years. Something seriously has to change. Just changing the management isn't enough

Zach Thornton

Didn’t turn up in a ‘6 pointer’, lacklustre performance, got outplayed at home, fans losing patience with the club as each games passes.


Tracey Welsh

When you think things can't get any worse. Listening to Mullins. He hasn't got a clue unfortunately. Change needed now otherwise it is relegation. 7 points poorer than last season. Speechless......


Mullins has to go. Changes things and has no impact. That squad is much better than the results. Experienced manager could have them much higher up

Anthony Clachan

Mullins out



This is the last chance for Cowling to show he actually cares about the club. Get rid of Mullins, get in an experienced football league manager and back him with a few signings before the window shuts.


I really can’t be bothered anymore.. cowling isn’t killing the club he’s already killed it. Cowling out!!!!!!!!

Paul Olorenshaw

My near 40 year association with col u comes to an end today and I've been through worst times than this. Everything about the club feels wrong poisonous if you will. Not the club I fell in love with as an 8 year old.

James Kemble

Mullins out

David Clayton

Going down &deserve it. If Mullins is in the job on Monday it's clear RC has accepted it. Why Judge is in the squad,let alone getting 90mins ahead of Chilvers is baffling. Taking Wiredu off is criminal. No attacking plan. No positivity. No pride. Shameful.

Jordan Gerhartz

Should never let mcgrill walk biggest mistake ..

Michael O'Brien

Setting aside Cowling’s contemptuous baiting of the fans this week, we have had another six-pointer where the players simply did not turn up. They are not good enough and clearly do not want to play for someone as abject as Mullins. We are in the mire, sinking and on the brink.

Stuart Garrard


Freddie Emerson

Mullins couldn’t coach a group of u12s. He hasn’t got an inch of footballing knowledge. Mullins out and cowling out. We want our club back

Steve Duckling

When a wall in a room has mould then it's no good painting over it because the mould still comes through. It's the same with our managers, Humes & De Souza still call the shots and nothing changes. Another game without a goal and the lowest goals for in L2. We are going down