THE wait goes on. Not only for a home game, but also for a goal or two, and then ultimately a U’s victory to finally celebrate.

These are frustrating times for our supporters and many are desperate for something good to happen as they fear several more months of struggle against the drop.

There is still half of the season to go so we are nowhere near the last chance saloon, but as I have said for years and years, January and February are key months for our football club when they are in a bad place.

If recruitment has gone well during the window and we have not lost key players, then there is something to work with and support. Make it all click in terms of performance and results by the time we reach March and then kick on from there.

Words failed me last Saturday. Well, words that were printable anyway. VAR would have made a faster and more decisive decision I think.

Firstly, I am truly sorry for the travelling Rochdale fans. The cost and the time were all wasted. Insurance cover is available for these situations but it is not cheap.

I would like to think that the U’s rustled up and donated all of the cooked food for them to take home on the coach rather than it being binned.

Somebody got something badly wrong last weekend and it must never happen again, unless of course you are from Stanway Rovers, who enjoyed the latecomers to boost their attendance.

Let us all hope for fair skies tomorrow as the U’s look for their first win of 2022. If it looks like rain, I’ll stick the garden fork, bath sponge and wellies in the boot and offer to help in order to satisfy the referee, if need be.

The U’s are still looking for their first win of the year because they were defeated at Forest Green, on Tuesday night.

It was not the cricket score that several fans predicted either jokingly or seriously. In fact, but for two poor goals conceded, it would have been a point for the U’s against the league leaders, which even for the greatest cynic would have been a brilliant result.

Both keepers made top saves but it was not as if Jake Turner was being bullied every five minutes.

Personally, I thought our game plan worked well in thwarting their huge attacking threat.

Our shape looked solid when they had the ball, and when we got it back we tried to use our wing-backs for our forays forward.

Corie Andrews looked good and worked hard on his debut. How I would dearly love to see another centre forward next to him tomorrow, and if well again, that man is Freddie Sears.

Even Cole Skuse had two shots which on another day could have hit the back of net.

Yes folks, scoring goals is our issue as a team. You can get away with one or two mistakes at the back if you are hitting two or three a game as our League Two peers seem to be able to do on regular occasions.

Also personally, I loved the white away shirts immensely. I know fans will have purchased the green and black thing to use for away games so they don’t want to be upset, but I really loved Tuesday’s wardrobe.

Now I apologise for often seeming to be a glass half full sort of a fan. That’s just the way I am.

There’s enough rubbish going around without also getting depressed about the U’s.

However I do appreciate that the team we all support is in serious trouble again and that is painful for the fans. They have work to do to change that.

On the flip side though, after the very low point of Crawley, I think we have started to play better both at Sutton and then FGR.

It is encouraging and hopefully they can now find and turn the magic key that transforms it all into winning. Tomorrow would be a good start.

Best of luck U’s and thanks for your support, especially away from home!