COLCHESTER United were beaten 1-0 at managerless Stevenage, on Saturday afternoon.

The U's are now 20th in League Two, after slipping to defeat at the Lamex Stadium.

Colchester fans have their say on a disappointing defeat on the road.


Absolutely useless up front once again. Had so much of the ball and played the same pass for half the game; didn’t work once. Something has to change

Anthony Clachan

Turning back into longball United, Took long will the subs should of been at least 1-0 up before they scored but once again chances not being taken so it's nothing new

Dave B

We looked a decent side in first half hour, but really lack a final ball and do not get enough bodies attacking the box. Inability to make the right decisions are killing us. Same issues plaguing us as last season. Looks like another of RC's pledges not coming to fruition

Michael O'Brien

Insipid but all too predictable.

Phil Unwin

There seems to be a problem with players being uncertain what way they should play. We don't seem to have a play book of tactical approaches that the squad knows and adapts to. This was a 6 point game v a similar relegation contender and we lost it. Sad days ahead I fear.

Nick Andrews

Mid table team outside the 18 yard box and relegation form inside it; our lack of a cutting edge and a striker who wants to score scruffy goals is criminal

Si Collinson

The blame has to lay at the door of Mullins. He is so far out of his depth he is travelling first class on the titanic. No changes unless enforced and not change of system. Same every week. Till he goes we will continue this run of form.

David Clayton

Mullins must be prepared to change things on the fly when a system isn't working. Stevenage doubled up on Jasper 2nd half & it was clear a shift was needed to get him in the game. Could easily have swapped him & Dobra to try & influence centrally. Stevenage are poor. Hard defeat to take

Sammy B

We looked strong in first half, Jasper and Dobra made stuff happen. Don't really know what to say about the 2nd half. Or the penalty. Feels like we are absolutely in a relegation battle again this season

Jon Palmer

We’re in big trouble! We can play some decent football but we have no cutting edge and we have limited options to change things up. Paying our bills off hasn’t worked out the way our chairman said it would! Just another line spouted by a chairman that refuses to listen.


We’re hitting a busy run-in to Christmas struggling at the bottom of the table and barely able to have a shot on target, let alone score a goal. Club poorly run and Mullins out his depth. Dark days for the club continue.

Andy Glenister

Had two weeks to prepare only for that time to be used to give the ball to skuse to pass sideways and then only play it to Daniels in the second half… we don’t set up to face different teams, we just play the same shocking football. Not even 1 dimensional at the moment

John S

Mullins has to go I get it’s not all his fault with what’s happening at the club and the players he’s been given but he’s the man in charge of the players on the pitch and they’re playing awfully

Andy Booth

First half, I thought we looked creative, passing was sharp and accurate. Jasper and Dobra doing a fantastic job. It’s still the same problem, no one getting the final goal. Still think we deserved something out of the game, we were by far the better team.


Well it wasn’t as bad as that muck ole was dishing up in the premiership.

David Fincham

Was a decent first half, still very open to concede chances even against lesser teams. No settled defence this season main cause of that. Mullins has to make changes earlier, players looked tired and Stevenage happy to play on break so needed something different

Jason Coleman

Mullins out cowling out humes out

Elliot Crimes

It’s the perfect demonstration of why change is needed and urgently. If we can’t score against Stevenage then we deserve to be relegated in May

Georgina Davies

We are too similar every game playing the ball back all the time, 2 different halves, first half brilliant second half terrible. Can't believe Mullins didn't make a change until gone 70 minutes, Jasper and dobra were good. We need to play 2 up front