COLCHESTER United fell to a disappointing 2-0 defeat at Tranmere Rovers, on Friday night.

The U's lost out at Prenton Park, falling to their first away league defeat of the League Two season.

Colchester fans have their say on the defeat at Tranmere.

Paul Chisnall

How come we as fans can all see the problems but the club does nothing about it. I said this before the season even started, it's obvious! We don't have a goalscorer, and this has eroded confidence. Dobra, Jasper & Sears all play in the same area, and our No9 doesn't score goals!

Si Collinson

Out played and out thought yet again. Going forward we play players out of position and lack any creativity. To slow in transition with no desire to actually shoot. Manager out of his depth not making decisive changes at the right time to influence the game. Worse than vs Salford

Michael O'Brien

We have a run of home games coming up. Need to replace Mullins before that with someone who can motivate this squad.

Tom Flint

Not good enough! Granted it’s a tough place to go but we lack any presence up front. Nouble needs to be on the wing, that’s where he’s a threat. Jasper and Chilvers must start the next game. Give Skuse a rest and mix up the midfield a little. Drop Hannant too!



It just seems strange that like the last few seasons we persist with tactics that clearly aren’t working for so long, then we only shake things up when faced with relegation.

Mark Coleman

We haven’t scored in four matches now and tonight didn’t have a shot on target. New management New recruitment team now! No more excuses!

Freddie Emerson

Get Hayden Mullins and Robbie cowling out. If we never sacked mcgreal we would be in a much better state. Yes we had to go through a pandemic aswell but that surely can’t have had anything to with him leaving. Last years squad was better than this.

Jamie Hudson

Things never change, we make the same mistakes time and time again. Recruitment, scouting. Add the worst matchday in the EFL into the mix. Without George we would be rock bottom. Relegation happening this season without some massive changes. Which lets be honest won’t happen.


I'd love to know how much influence Mullins really has on the team and tactics. Mcgreal was an average manager with a very good team, so let's all calm that one down. End of the day you play the best formation with the best team you have. Someone show me what that is?


colchester united fan

Same as every week not one player come over to thank the fans to coming and its the same it is like the players do not want to playing what on the shirt and one more thin that Robbie Cowling he side this year is going to be good but it’s not


These last two games have knocked all the hope and positivity I had for this season out of me. We’re making the same mistakes that we did last season - our worst season in 30 years. Since being in league two we have made no progress under 4 managers. The two constants have been our Director of Football and Director of Performance. Until the fans are provided with clarity on what their respective roles actually are, they should continually be held to account because we absolutely have not been good enough for too long now.

David Clayton

All preseason optimism officially dissolved. Hannant & Coxe both liabilities, a lethal concoction together on the right. So Static going forward. If Jasper doesn't start against Harrogate all tickets should be refunded. I'm only half joking. Also, it's way too early to say 'Mullins Out', but the players are clearly hesitant to play forward & their instinct is always the safe ball. Whether this is through mentality or instruction,it is the influence of the coaches that drive this. That is the most worrying issue for me


Pinault Noire

Big questions need to be answered here. Defence and attack both very poor. The balance is all off and it’s hard to see how you change it. I think we need to get Chilvers starting and have a rethink about our entire approach. National League is calling…

Wild BoyZ Rambo

End the season now, give us 15th. Would save everyone money, stress and time. If ever a true word was said: Col Utd do just make the numbers up.

Sammy B

Do I really have to? They were all over us from the get-go. We lost the ball so easily, it's like there's no fight in them, like they don't want it.


Same c**p different year


something has to change. Simple.

Callum LV

Very bad! Worst I have seen us play!!



Anthony Clachan

Once again spineless in attack no confidence in the team nothing players don't look interested at all

John S

The last straw we’ve been going downhill since cowling brought the club and now he’s actively trying to stop fans going to games. In regards to the game absolutely woeful and all because we have a deluded arrogant owner who can never accept he’s in the wrong. Non league incoming.