COLCHESTER United supporters have their say on their team's 1-0 home defeat against Northampton Town.

Duncan Stonehouse

Similar frustrations to previous seasons, lot of possession; failure to take our chances when on top; ref not punishing their unsportsmanlike behaviour. All that hype and excitement, ballon burst!

Steve Lowe

Not great was it. Need to sign a striker that can put it in the net 3 games no goals speaks for itself. Yes they creating chances but you don’t win games doing that. On to Tuesday now

Adam Walker

Not good enough we should be putting our chances away. NEED A STRIKER


Horrible 1st half! Northampton both battled & bullied Colchester! 2nd half however the U's not only match Northampton but at times took control, stats at the end saw the U's had more possession & shots on goal but still they couldn't score! Needs a striker!


Freddie Emerson

Can’t believe that we didn’t score. Finishing today was appalling. Need Theo Robinson back as he’s the only player we’ve had who knows how to score over the last few years


Enjoyed the second half, we went 4 across the back and with Judge dropping into midfield we had more of the ball. But wasteful in front of goal and first half is best forgotten

Tristan Green

Looked a bit better second half first half seemed to slow and clueless at times! Still can not seem to score but hopefully that comes soon! Great to be back at the ground and still worth the 4 hour round trip from London

Michael O'Brien

Lack of natural finishers and given the experience of our centre-halves they should know better….

Tracey Welsh

Frustrating. Poor first half, very flat. Much improved in the second half. However 3 or 4 guilt edged chances spurned. If you don't score you'll never win. 3 games and no goals. Need a decent striker (or two)


Matt Blaylock

Let’s focus on the important part of today. The club needs to change their ticketing approach. I had no perspective to anything happening in the opposite half. The attendance today was disappointing, and I think it will get much worse

Georgina Davies

The last 20 mins is how we should be playing all the time, we're no good with 1 uo front so why do we do it. We need another striker

Simon Clark

2nd half was much better than the 1st. Sears coming on was a positive substitution. We have to be taking those 2 big chances we had especially as we don't create too many at the moment.

Si Collinson

Very poor first half, looked devoid of ideas. The second half and the subs made a different. But we must be scoring our chances. A very frustrating afternoon all round really.

Joe Philpott

I thought we came to life when Luke Hannant came on. We needed more pace. Is it too early to worry about where our goals are going to come from though?


Lots of the ball but not much done with it. Nouble has never worked as a target man so why do we persist with it. If we are going to get loads of crosses in the box then we need a proper target man

Ajax Reloaded

Not good enough today at all, the first half the players seemed as if they didn’t care and only half woke up after we conceded

The second half was a big improvement but also showed how much we need a striker or 2

Really hope we improve otherwise it’s another long season