COLCHESTER race walker Dominic King says it is ‘absolutely demoralising’ to miss out on competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

The two-time Olympian had been expecting to represent Team GB in the 50km race walking event, after slashing 24 seconds off a long-standing British record at Olympic trials in Slovakia, at the end of March.

King, who is the highest ranked British Walker, was invited by the World Athletics governing body to compete in Tokyo - but UK Athletics have controversially decided against selecting him for Team GB’s Olympic squad.

The 38-year-old has since sent an open letter to Team GB regarding his non-nomination by British Athletics for the Games, which begin in Japan on Friday.

King, who previously competed for Team GB at the Rio and London Olympic Games, has argued that the decision is unfair as he has met the criteria, only to be overlooked for selection.

The Colchester Harriers athlete is hugely disappointed with the decision to leave him out of the squad and feels politics is involved.

King said: “It’s absolutely demoralising not to go to the Olympics when you know you’ve earned your right.

“From my point of view, I’ve qualified for three Olympics.

“That decision that they made back at the end of March has had a massive impact on my mental health and I’ve had nobody approach me from my governing body since April 1 to ask me how I am.

“If people out there think that you automatically go to an Olympics if you win your Olympic trial even if you get invited by your world governing body, the truth of the matter is, you don’t.

“It actually comes down to whether or not the selectors in that room believe in you and that needs to change in my view and that’s what I’m campaigning for.

“We need a fairer system in athletics, as other countries have.

“The fact that we’re literally the only world Athletics Federation not to accept our invites for the 50k Race Walk just beggars belief.”

King says he feels like he is being written off when he is reaching his peak in the sport.

But despite his own personal disappointment and heartache at not competing at the Games, the experienced race walker of more than two decades’ experience hopes to challenge the decision going forward.

“Some people need to be careful about what they say about the 50k Race Walk and about me and my age,” said King, who was the only male athlete to achieve a British record in his trial.

“In terms of going to Tokyo it’s final but the fight goes on making sure that there are changes in terms of the selection policy, so that they don’t repeat what they’ve done this year.

“Each country can only have a maximum of three athletes, in each event.

“We were the only country to actually decline our place.

“What’s gut-wrenching is that at the same time that they’re telling me that they’re not going to take me, UK Athletics have launched a new strategy called Athletics Unified.

“In a nutshell, their number one goal is about fulfilling places in all events and I think it goes completely against what (British Athletics) have done to me.

“Neither the British Olympic Association or UK Sport are prepared to intervene, because they say it’s a matter between the athlete and British Athletics, even though I’ve had it from the BOA acknowledging that I’ve done an extraordinary performance.”

UK Athletics were contacted for a response but say they do not comment on non-selected athletes.

A petition to try and reverse UK Athletics’ decision to omit Dominic King from the squad has more than 1,800 signatures.

To sign, visit