NEW Colchester United assistant manager Alex Dyer will have a foot in both camps when England lock swords with Scotland at Wembley, tomorrow night.

Dyer, who was announced as Hayden Mullins’ new number two at the U’s on Tuesday, spent more than a year as Scotland’s assistant coach between 2019 and 2020 working closely alongside boss Steve Clarke, with whom he also assisted at Kilmarnock.

And the respected Dyer is also good friends with England coach Chris Powell, whom he assisted at both Charlton Athletic and Huddersfield Town and is a former Crystal Palace team-mate.

Dyer still speaks regularly with both Clarke and Powell and will be watching the much-anticipated Euro 2020 Group D game with interest.

Speaking to Col U TV, he said: “I’ll listen and I’ll watch both camps.

“I spoke to Steve (on Monday) about the game and he’s upbeat and ready to go again against England, so I wish him all the best.

“I also spoke to Chris (on Monday night) and they’re both people that I speak to regularly.

“I keep in touch with all of them, share knowledge and pick their brains.

“Hopefully, it makes me a better coach and a better person.”


Dyer says he jumped at the chance to become Colchester’s assistant manager.

The 55-year-old is relishing the opportunity to work alongside Hayden Mullins who Dyer knows from his West Ham United days when he was reserve-team manager.

“I left Kilmarnock in January/February time and spoke to Hayden then,” said Dyer, who made nearly 500 appearances for the likes of Charlton Athletic, Oxford United and Blackpool in a successful playing career.

“He asked me if I wanted to get back in straight away and I did.

“Nothing came about and when the season ended and he got the job, he asked me if I wanted to come and be an assistant and work alongside him and I jumped at the chance.

“We always got on well.

“He went to Watford and did well there – he loves his football and his coaching.

“We always speak on the phone anyway and have good conversations and he asked me if I’d like to come and help out, which I did.”


Dyer arrives at Colchester following a spell in charge of Scottish outfit Kilmarnock.

He added: “It was a good year and a half of managing at Kilmarnock.

“I enjoyed every minute of it but I’ve got a chance now to coach here and hopefully, we can start another new journey.

“When I was in Scotland, I wasn’t always with the family so it was nice to come back down and spend some quality time with them.

“But you always want to get back out there and get back on the field and coach and start again.

“It’s a good opportunity and I’ve grabbed the chance.”