FIRSTLY this week a big thank you to those U’s fans, and indeed Oldham fans, who were able to dial up to the game last Saturday.

Those with permits for the season together with those committing a tenner for the coverage on iFollow will bring much-needed income into the football club.

It may seem like chicken feed compared to many millions thrown around like confetti further up the food chain, but for the U’s, it is their life’s blood at the moment.

Please keep doing it if you can.

For the first time watching on my laptop, I was actually shouting at the screen and applauding the good moments.

The passers-by must think I am more bonkers than usual. There was a lot to get excited about too.

The U’s played well again with some lovely finishes from Stevenson and Welch-Hayes.

We were cruising to a degree at half time but Oldham’s changes at the break gave them a new purpose and our confidence, together with our game management waned somewhat.

The art of being of savvy eluded one or two in blue shirts but I am sure that Steve Ball will have had them swotting up on the subject this week.

Looking deeper into the positives I really like our midfield pairing. It has plenty of energy and no little skill.

Backed up a returning Pell, Lapslie and hopefully even a Diaz Wright, I can see this hub of the team being particularly dominant for the U’s this season.

And so it is onto Walsall, where three points will be the ambition.

This relatively short trip will be sorely missed by the travelling fans. Their quirky and almost unique programme shop, plus their very welcoming facility for an ale and a pie was always a welcome sight beside the M6.

The Government, Premier League and EFL money merry go round rumbles on.

I am hoping that you will have found the petition seeking the return of football fans to stadiums and put your name to it.

It pains me that football fans are tarred with a brush that other leisure and sport industries manage to avoid.

There is no trust of us or even the football clubs who have worked their fingers to the bone making the stadiums fit for purpose in a COVID world.

It is almost criminal in my view, and whilst this is going on, clubs like the U’s continue to be teased with fingers clutching the purse of survival.

Hate to be the prophet of doom, but after reading another quote about Premier League B teams desiring to join the EFL, it did make me wonder if the proposal was in fact a possible condition of any financial bailout.

Anyway, thanks again for all of your support of the U’s. Good luck tomorrow to Steve and the lads, and please stay safe everyone.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman