ANOTHER week goes by and the thought of the play-offs moves ever closer, admittedly at what seems like a snail's pace.

The EFL have now decided to wait until June 8 to put it to another vote. This is more drawn out and at times just as touchy as the EU Referendum, with League One clubs really divided.

Closer to home, the Colchester United lads have returned to training this week.

But although they have the play-offs and promotion clearly at the forefront of their minds, it must still be frustrating that it is not set in stone.

Of the 28 U's players and staff connected to the first team, four last week returned a positive test result for Covid-19.

With no further information forthcoming, we have been left to wonder who is affected.

Of course, it goes without saying no matter who it is, hopefully it is just mild form and all get over it soon and can return to Florence Park.

This Covid-19 testing is a must to ensure that any games are played are done so in safety for all those involved.

But what is not so good to see is the way certain areas of the media are using the results as breaking news.

Yes I know they will report this sort of thing, but it does not have to be like Transfer Deadline Day with the updates and the 'who is who' of the self-isolating group.

Behind closed doors; a phrase that has long been associated with punishment for crowd issues or other misdemeanours.

However it's now taken a new meaning and is seem by some as a saviour of sanity (or maybe that’s just me).

It has allowed football to return to our screens and the German Bundesliga is leading the way.

There's been a difference in the approach and home advantage seems to have lost its effect, with the majority of the wins being from the away team.

In addition, there seems to be a lot less rolling around and play acting from the players after a tackle or coming together.

This could all be coincidence but it does make you wonder just how much the crowds play a factor.

It would make a good thesis for anyone studying sports at a high level to investigate.

The U's have said that they are planning on offering fans the chance to buy a cardboard cut-out of themselves to put in their seats for the home leg of any play-off tie.

What may to some seem a strange and odd idea does have some substance.

The players will see the fans have made an effort and are still supporting in any way they can, the club get a form of revenue and when all is said and done, the fans get the chance to take the cut- out home.

In years to come, it will make a unique souvenir of the strange season and situation we have faced.

No matter what happens, we can all hopefully look forward to the play-offs and a chance to finish what was started.

When the stars align, we can hopefully win promotion to League One for next season in what hopefully will see a return to normal and football the way it should be, with the fans and for the fans.

Stay safe all.

Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson