PLEASE do not think ill of me, for I have also been to the county of Durham. Admittedly the happy events did not occur during “lockdown”, so I am not in trouble.

Nor did I choose to visit a castle – at least I don’t think my favourite watering hole was called that?

You have probably guessed that like many a U’s fan, I must confess visiting Hartlepool United a few times and I also make no apologies for doing so.

The local brew is always tasty, and I will never forget the time Alan White was sent off there whilst my mate was in the loo.

It took him nearly to the final whistle to realise he was missing!

Ah, the happy days of football, which I can just about still remember.

I hope that I can recall what to do during the 90 minutes when this is all over and we can sit together on our plastic seats to watch the U’s play.

Quite when that will be is unknown, of course.

Quite when the U’s will hopefully/maybe have a few play-off games to undertake is another matter.

The League One messy bun fight rumbles on and until those waters clear a bit, the next steps and decisions are all held up which means that although our lads could well be back in training very soon, they could be scratching their heads about any potential game time.

I wonder if the “released” lads will also be back at Florence Park? Appreciate that call may not be down to them to make, but what an advantage it would be to have them around for promotion shoot out.

A lot of eyes will have been on the Bundesliga and their re-start. It will have a knock-on effect to the Premier League and ultimately to our level for when and how the games are played.

Full contact training has been given the green light at the top and this would be welcome news to Tom Lapslie who must be licking his lips at the prospect of again being able to slide tackle anyone other than his cat (if he has one).

He must be like a coiled spring at the moment, eager to savagely fell anyone who gets in his way at the local supermarket.

Not that any of his victims would potentially make a meal of it in the “new world” by the sounds of it.

Did I read this week that the German league has seen less of the rolling around the floor and screaming like a banshee, as they are behind closed doors, with no fans to play up to?

Is the game better without us? Only joking, that’ll never happen.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that there will be some more positive news very soon.

It will mean a lot to many a fan to have the chance of supporting the U’s again – even if it is only down the length of an internet cable.

Please look after yourselves and thanks as always for your continued support of the U’s.

Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns