LET us start with the serious stuff first - a footballing reminder to stay safe, stay at home, help the NHS and save lives.

There is nothing else of greater importance. Even our beloved football and the U’s must come second to anything that protects people and their health.

When football eventually opens its doors again, and it will at some point, we want to see our friends and fellow supporters in amongst us.

Even the annoying bloke sitting behind you who keeps kicking the back of your seat when the U’s are on the attack.

You would definitely want him there, and by all of us following the advice, however hard it may be, the two of you will be back enjoying yourselves in the Jobserve Community Stadium one day.

I would also add that in whatever way was possible, fans should also continue to help each other.

Some of the football material on social media has been absolutely amazing.

Small things they may be, but together they help no end, especially with the youngsters off school. The football club, Colchester United's Football In The Community and even the U’s players are doing what they can to help.

I love the fact that Harry Pell has actually picked up the phone to a few supporters. He is truly a different breed of footballer and that’s fantastic.

These are incredibly tough times, even without football. Perhaps no way near as tough, but imagine working for a Premier League club and being told that they cannot afford all of your wages?

The image they portray is that their corridors are swimming with cash. Maybe I am doing them an injustice, or maybe I am not.

For football, it’s closer to home that we need to look after, and that is the survival of the U’s.

The initial pot of EFL money, proportioned unfairly to League Two I think, may have already been gobbled up in March, so what about April and even May? I have my fingers crossed for U's chairman Robbie Cowling.

Finally, what saddens me most is that in these hard times, when preventing loss of life should be our main priority, I can see football in this country being ultimately consumed by an utter dog fight for money, because there is such a massive disparity between the “haves” and “have nots”.

It has spiralled out of all control for many years. Thankfully those responsible, have now got the task of sorting it all out.

Wishing you all a safe and secure week ahead, football fans.

Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns