WELL this has sure been a very unprecedented week in the sporting world.

As Colchester United fans, we have gone from last week's impressive win up in Carlisle to the whole season now up in the air.

One thing's for sure, it's hit home two facts, the first how serious this COVID-19 outbreak is becoming and second, just hits much my life revolves around the beautiful game.

I think the EFL have done the right thing as it is unchartered waters and it is better for everyone to be safe rather than sorry.

What I do not agree with is the way the FA had not take the over all control and left a lot of the decisions in the hands of the Leagues.

This left volunteers and in some cases individual coaches to make the call, which in turn left a strange situation where some played and some did not.

In Suffolk, one cup competition had one semi-final on and the other off. Plus the National League decided to play, even after a number of teams called games off.

I think this was a mistake and would have been simplified if the FA had just blanket-banned games.

So suddenly, I was thrown into a strange situation where for the first time in a number of years I had a Saturday where I had no football related activities going on, no scores to check, no coaching or football education to attend to. What was I to do?

Well my Football Manager game did get dusted off along with an element of FIFA, but in all honestly I was a little lost.

Normally there is some sort of football on in the back ground, but the house was all quiet on that front.

We did sit and watch a film as a family which was nice and for once my blood pressure stayed in the safe zone from 3pm until 5pm, but something felt missing.

I know this seems extremely over the top, but it does highlight what football means to not only myself but also thousands of others around the country.

What's next? As I’ve already alluded to this is a very unknown an complex situation that is changing by the day.

If it were me, I would postpone the Euros for 12 months until this outbreak is all under control and the extra month could then be used to finish the season, even if it was a case of Saturday and Tuesday games week in, week out to get it played out in front of fans.

All this behind closed doors talk is not good for anyone, as clubs and fans alike will lose out.

No matter what, we can't take a risk and rush back.

It may not be you as an individual who gets ill, but you could have the virus and unwittingly pass it on to someone in the at risk category.

This is what we all need to keep in mind and try to remember there are things more important than football in this world, although in three or four weeks time I may need reminding of this when I’m going crazy climbing the walls on weekends.

One thing that is for sure, once football is back on the menu we all need to support the club in any way we can to ensure the hit it takes is a bump and not a wall that proves hard to get over and leads to longer-term underlining financial problems.