Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns

IT was going to more than a storm with an odd name, a referee’s watch with a dodgy battery, one of the most ill-judged examples of simulation you’ll ever see and probably one of the most cynical fouls that a player can commit to stop the U’s winning the game last Saturday.

After the Port Vale debacle, the U’s were true to their word and beat Salford with tactical nous and lots of hard work.

Starting with Norris and Robinson in attack worked like a dream, as our attacking play had energy and purpose in the first half.

You will have seen the goals on TV and they were even better in real life.

The players just look so much more comfortable and confident when they are on the front foot and for the impressive 400 plus U’s fans that made the journey, it was a joy to watch.

Yes there were a couple of defensive errors, one of which cost a goal, but that defence was tightened up in the second half to win us the game.

It was backs to the wall for the final 45 minutes and you don’t get the true picture on the TV, but it was only because the strong wind was blowing directly into Gerken’s goal accompanied by horizontal rain and hail.

Whilst we struggled to get out of our half, the defensive effort was superb in the circumstances.

Salford became frustrated and not only took it out cheaply on Callum Harriott but also tried one of the worst 'dives' you will

see in football. Silly chap also chose to do it right in front of the U’s fans.

Fair to say he didn’t get any sympathy, nor sadly did he pick up the warranted yellow card.

Instead the referee seemed happy to penalise us for perceived time wasting with ten minutes added on at the end.

Perhaps he thought Norris, Pell, Jackson and poor Callum were feigning injury? I think not.

On the plus side, at least he didn’t abandon the game and land us with a Tuesday night replay.

The end result was terrific for the U’s as it keeps us right in the play-off mix.

Beating Cheltenham tomorrow will strengthen that position and also help lessen the gap to the top five.

They are a team in top form, but we made a massive statement not so long ago by taking Plymouth apart, so we can do

the same again tomorrow.

To help them players, I really do hope that a large number of the occasional fans will come along to support them.

It’s now or never really.

With the aforementioned injuries I am expecting some changes. If Callum’s Achilles doesn’t make it then I would love to see Luke Gambin given the nod.

He seems to have fallen down the pecking order for some reason and that’s a waste for me.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow U’s and thank you all for your support.