MANY things baffle and confuse me during a trip Portman Road.

Most visits these days prompt more questions than answers, causing consternation and raised eyebrows.

It's been that way for a while and much of the current post-match rhetoric revolves around team selection, tactics, formations and player rotation.

Understandably so. They're hot topics, firmly at the top of any agenda.

More generally, though, the issue I simply cannot understand or comprehend is the reason for Ipswich's worrying record at Portman Road.

It's unfathomable, a recurring problem and a trend that has continued this season.

To have only won three home games is dreadful and while they've only lost two, the number of draws (four) is proving an Achilles heel. That's 13 points from a possible 29.

Rotherham, in sixth, have won three home games while only lowly quartet Burton, Rochdale, Tranmere and Bolton have won less (twice) on home soil. Sorry Southend, meanwhile, are yet to taste victory at Roots Hall.

It was a similar story during last season's dismal relegation campaign, with just three home wins all season.

And even the year before, when Town finished mid-table in the Championship, there were sides in the lower reaches of the table with better track records on their own patches.

So why should the Blues' home record be so poor?

Last season, Town were a mess and sub-standard from start to finish.

They became a confidence-sapped lost cause, both home and away.

But the disparity this season, with seven wins, two draws and just one defeat on the road, has brought the issue into sharp focus.

Town were lucky to beat AFC Wimbledon in August, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat thanks to late goals from James Norwood and Kayden Jackson.

So of their home wins, only two really linger in the memory - the 3-0 victory against Shrewsbury and 4-1 success against Tranmere.

Otherwise, it's been a far from happy hunting crowd with a mixed bag in terms of performances.

To be fair, Town were unfortunate to lose 2-1 to Bristol Rovers on Saturday.

It was a far from perfect, polished performance.

Again, Paul Lambert's team selection came under scrutiny and, judging by the post-match radio phone-in and internet message boards, many natives are getting restless.

I can understand that, although thought the team did enough to get a point at least.

However, a disturbing combination of conceding poor goals and not scoring enough is really hurting them again, especially, it would seem, at Portman Road.

Perhaps, with that in mind, it's a blessing that three of the next four matches are away from home.

Peterborough, Bristol Rovers and others are breathing down their necks and unless a remedy is found, Town will start slipping down the table. They're only five points above seventh-placed Coventry.

As everyone knows, home form is paramount to any fruitful season.

It's crucially important, the bedrock for success, and that's why it's become a major problem - one that needs remedying as soon as possible.