COLCHESTER United's FA Cup game against League One outfit Coventry City was a game of few highlights.

It was one that will not live long in the memory of the fans who were there.

It was disappointing to see the way the team conceded the second goal but these things happen, more on that later on.

But as upsetting as it is going out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle, we still have the League Cup tie against Manchester United to look forward to.

The games are coming thick and fast, so maybe it'll be a blessing in disguise that we don't have yet more matches to add in.

Also it was very sporting to let Coventry win - the prize money they gain through progressing may go a little way to solving their current state of homelessness.

In the game of football, players and teams are remembered for either greatness or mistakes.

Coventry's second goal almost had a ‘You’ve Been Framed’ feeling about it.

A seemingly harmless free-kick somehow crept in at the back post.

First thoughts were cries of despair and questions of how did that happen, etc but it needs to be looked at in the wider sense and perspective.

Errors are made and I am sure that Dean Gerken will be feeling this one.

But how many points has he saved us so far this season along with the exploits in the cup games against Palace and Spurs.

He can be forgiven for the odd mistake, knowing he has achieved so much since being the signing of the summer.

Plus it was not just him but all the defence who it sailed past.

We have the very uncommon situation this weekend of our game being called off due to international call-ups.

This is annoying as I now have to find something else to do - fingers crossed it's not Lakeside shopping!

All joking aside, it does show that the club are now able to attract players of the level to play for their respective countries.

Yes it may not be England, Holland and what people perceive to be the ‘big’ footballing nations.

But no-one can help where they are born and representing one's country is not an achievement to be taken lightly.

I wish them well and hopefully the experience and extra minutes in a different environment will only be a positive they can bring back, as long as it's not an injury of course.

Colchester's FA Cup game against Coventry was also a chance to come together, pause and reflect on the brave men and women of the Armed Forces, both living and dead who have given so much for the country.

It was a silence that was really well observed except for one red-faced person whose phone rang (it wasn't mine, before I get shouted at).

With it being in a Garrison town, the club has links to the Army and it was fitting to honour it like they did.

There's no game on Saturday so it's now the away game against Cheltenham to look forward to and hopefully, another League Two victory.

Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson