THEY say honesty is the best policy.

So it was refreshing to hear U's boss John McGreal speak with such integrity and objectivity after his side's tame FA Cup performance against Coventry City.

I can't tell you how many times I've listened to post-match interviews and heard one-eyed, blinkered managers making excuses, blaming something or someone else (often referees) or trying to sugar-coat negative results and/or performances.

In that instance, it makes you wonder what game they were watching and, in extreme instances, belies the intelligence of supporters, who can clearly see through the web of spin.

Not McGreal, though.

As he said to me afterwards, when the cameras and microphones were switched off, "I'm an honest bloke and say it how it is".

He was absolutely right to laud Coventry's performance.

Colchester were poor. There's no doubt about that.

They looked off the pace and, at times, were left chasing shadows against energetic, industrious opposition.

But that was perhaps as much down to their visitors' undoubted class as their own shortcomings.

The Sky Blues dominated from start to finish and while the possession stats may have been a little more even after the break, the contest was long since over.

Zain Westbrooke, for one, was just too hot to handle with his brilliant passing and movement and there were other eye-catching displays from Messrs Hyam, Dabo, Kelly and McCallum.

Colchester didn't appear to have any chance of getting back in the game and, from a strictly home perspective, this was one to forget. A bad day at the office.

However, as any player will tell you, 'we go again' and now attention switches to Tuesday's Trophy clash with Ipswich Town.

At face value, it may appear a pretty meaningless match in a much-maligned, oft-criticised competition.

But it's a derby, meaning bragging rights will be at stake and the bumper crowd (Ipswich are rumoured to be bringing around 2,500 fans) should ensure it's anything but a run-of-the-mill night under the Community Stadium lights.

Let's just hope Colchester give a better account of themselves, showing might fight and guile than on Saturday. If so, it's game on.