Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson's views on the U's

AS we all know, football is a game that is decided on who scores the most goals - and the way that happens is down to how the teams are set up.

Pep at Man City plays the Spanish way of not really worrying if there are goals against but knowing the attacking power they have will score more.

Or to the other extreme, the Arsenal of old would look to stay tight and happily grind out 1-0 wins, with their defence being the mainstay.

Now anyone reading this will tell you that the main way to score a goal is to shoot.

So to get to my point, why this season are teams – not just Colchester United - backing off and passing it around to score the ‘perfect’ goal instead of hitting half chances?

If you shoot, there's always the chance of a deflection or the goalkeeper spilling the ball, which players following in can then capitalise on.

And once the opposing team know that they will be subjected to shot after shot, it puts them on the back foot.

Let’s be fair, as fans we would rather see the shots over mis-timed passes any day of the week.

It was good to see that the U's players had a heart to heart on the pitch in the pouring rain, after last weekend's defeat at Crawley Town.

Luke Prosser showed why he is captain, not only with his goal but also in this debriefing session.

The players could very easily have just dried off, got changed and then headed on to the coach for the trip home.

But by doing this simple thing, it shows that they care and want to put the second-half display behind them.

It demonstrates that they wish to get over the blip quickly, putting it right this weekend when we face Morecambe at home.

With Prosser heading home in the first half and Tom Eastman's recent goals and assists, it does go to show that this year we have one of the most attack-minded defences in League Two.

This is good as it shows that we are able to build from the back and allow players to be creative and push up if the situation arises.

Spreading the goals around all areas of the pitch not only makes it hard for opposition managers to plan but also means if the dreaded injuries crop up, we are not reliant on one source of goals.

A striker’s job is to score goals; that is how they are judged by the fans and media alike.

However, there is always their work they do off the ball and what else they bring to the party.

Luke Norris will get goals, that has been proven.

For some reason he gets stick from some quarters and although everyone is entitled to their opinion, I feel that's unfair.

I'm a little biased as I really rate him and feels he makes a difference when on the pitch but it is hard for anyone to be consistent when in and out of the team.

I for one would love to see him get a run of games and prove to everyone he can find the back of the net, as I know he can.

So back home on Saturday and a chance to put last weekend behind us and really answer the critics with a bang.

Hopefully there will be a decent crowd and as always, let’s get behind the team.