Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns

CUP fever has come to the U’s and we’ve all gone just a little bit giddy with it.

Such a rare event that we are perhaps a bit unsure about what to do with these new feelings.

Enjoy it would be my suggestion because you never know when it will happen again.

So all roads lead to Crystal Palace on Tuesday week but not before we start winning some, if not all, of the three much more important league games.

The rustiness of Port Vale was followed by a strong performance at bookies favourites Plymouth, then a confidence-boosting boshing of Swindon.

Surely this means that Cambridge will be done over tomorrow?

The reports I’ve heard from those in Devon were good.

Ben Stevenson playing well in the middle and the two Toms excelling once again.

By the sounds of it, only the finished product was missing for at least a point from the game.

That needs to be back in the U’s DNA soon and I’m sure it will.

Hats off to those who made the long journey, whether by coach, car or train, to support the team.

I was a tad disappointed with the 1,500 attendance on Tuesday night.

Appreciate that the U’s had failed to make the second round in the League Cup for many years and it is holiday season too, but for me it is more fuel on the fire that intimates to me that all Cup football in the lower leagues and in the early rounds just doesn’t float fans’ boats as much as it used to.

Have to be honest and say that Swindon could have easily sealed victory in the first 30 minutes.

Thanks to Dean Gerken and a large number of blocked shots they didn’t though and once the U’s got the bit between their teeth, and changed formation, there was no stopping them.

The adjustments breathed new life into Frank Nouble and it just looked and felt much better all round.

The players seemed to like it too so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I must admit that I have not seen the replays but I thought that Cohen Bramall’s dismissal was harsh.

Looked to me like he was the victim and stood up for himself rather than being the aggressor.

A blow and headache that John McGreal will need solve.

Hope you’re all looking forward to tomorrow and putting cup fever to one side for a few hours.

I’m sniffing three points so good luck U’s and thanks for your support if you’re coming along.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman