Banter with Burns with Colchester United Supporters Association chairman Jon Burns

UNLESS the U’s can halt their current form and put in a finish of strong performances to win a few games, not only will this season have been a massive opportunity lost but there is a real danger that we will find ourselves in the bottom half of the table come the end of it.

From a football club that has been challenging for the play-offs or more virtually all season, it could end up being a very painful and sorry finale.

Not only has it been hugely tough for the fans to take but spare a thought for the players and management, regardless of whether you like them or not.

They are not losing games on purpose. Nor are they failing to find the back of the net deliberately, despite racking up strong numbers of shots on goal each game.

We want them to do better, they also want to do better.

There is a lot to be said for the mental health side of professional football and the players will no doubt be feeling nervous and anxious about every game, even if they choose to shield it from other, because it’s not the cool thing for a footballer to talk about.

They are still human beings like you and me, and if I was in their shoes, I know how rubbish I would be feeling at the moment.

An early U’s goal this afternoon against Grimsby would be an incredible lift for everyone.

Whether it’s a 30-yard screamer or a ricochet off someone’s backside at a corner, I don’t really care.

Any sort of win today and on Monday at Yeovil, against two other out-of-form teams, may still give us a chance by this time next week before we take on the MK Dons and Lincoln hurdles.

Even with an extra six points in the bag by then, the flickering candle of hope that is the play-offs may already have been extinguished but like I said, a strong finish is so important.

So the U’s simply have to go for it today. Put right a few wrongs and give us something to cheer about as we head into the Bank Holiday weekend.

Hopefully a sensible decision has been made on the keeper conundrum and hopefully we’ll see Brennan Dickenson back in the starting line-up.

Whatever the team and whatever the pain we as fans are all feeling, please also try to consider the stress levels of our suffering players too. Thanks for your support as always and Happy Easter.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman