Colchester United season-ticket holder Si Collinson with his views on the U's

SO clearly Saturday did not quite go to plan - OK that's a understatement and could be the last real throw of the dice.

Still, we need to put that aside and focus on what this Saturday's trip to Bury will bring.

Hopefully three points, plenty of goal and a clean sheet.

Keeping on the subject of Bury and not wanting to dwell on the Oldham Athletic defeat, a few posts on social media got me thinking.

They mainly involved Bury and Bolton but other clubs are in the same dangers.

We all get into football for the sport, either as a religion, causal fan or somewhere in the middle ground. One thing that is often over-looked is the fact to most owners it is a business and needs to be treated as such in their eyes.

Spending and investment must be sustainable, even if EFL Financial Suitability tests do not seem to agree.

Bury are in a very curious position in the fact that fans seem to be openly worried about promotion and concerned that the step up will kill the club and erase its history.

Is the short term living the dream worth it?

Bolton players went on strike after a dispute on staff wages and their recent home game against Ipswich Town was in danger of not going ahead (although in hindsight, I bet they wished it had not).

It makes for very worrying times when the very future of a club is in danger - is there more to the bigger picture than promotion for some?

Not for one minute am I saying that Colchester are in any financial difficulty and the fact we actually spent well in the summer window showed that is the case.

But it does make me wonder that if we were to go up and throw all the eggs in one basket of staying in League One or even pushing high, where could we end up?

Optimistically, the fairytale might have a glorious ending and we up the levels and survive.

But what if it turns to promotion at all costs? Aston Villa tried that and are suffering this campaign.

But even worse could a trip up be the start of a longer slide down?

All very what ifs and hearsay but I for one would rather have a sustainable long term plan than one shot at the dream, that we look back on in five years as a distant memory.

I am just trying to look at the positives if we do not go up and what it could mean in the future.

But deep down, I know I will be willing the lads on Saturday to win and get that play-off spot they deserve.

Let's have our shot at the dream and see how it goes.